GML Industries, LLC Products and Solutions

Product Capabilities

With years of experience as a wire harness manufacturer, GML Industries, LLC has been chosen by OEM's in various markets to supply their critical products. We utilize our knowledge of processes, tooling and materials to ensure our customers receive the highest quality wiring harness assembly at an affordable and competitive cost.  We use state of the art equipment, and processes to cut, strip, and mark wire. We can customize just about any wire harness to your needs.


Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses
With first class cable and wire processing equipment, GML Industries, LLC
’s capabilities to process any and all types of raw cables and wires are limitless. We can cut, strip and terminate material to customer specification with the highest quality and workmanship.


Braided Assemblies

GML Industries, LLC has the ability to braid wire harnesses or discrete wires upon request. Brading is often used when a wiring harness requires more durability because of severe environmental conditions.  The nylon braiding material is woven around a group of wires and securely holds them together. Braiding is an effective measure for protection against abrasion.  Binding the wires into a flame-retardant sleeve can also lower the risk of electrical fires. 


Box Builds
GML Industries, LLC manufactures complex and simple box builds for customers in all industries. Our simple to complex builds can extend your end-product needs.  Our build boxes can include LED's, probes, sensors and switches as well as power supplies, sub-assemblies. Give us a call.



Conduit Assemblies
GML Industries, LLC offers a wide range of conduit assemblies, from 15 amp to 60 amp which include ¾ inch to as big as 6 inches in diameter, there is nothing we cannot do. With seal tight flex conduit and flex steel, we manufacturer to customer’s specification in small and large volumes.


Electromechanical Assemblies and Complex Assemblies
Call GML Industries, LLC  when you outsource complex electromechanical assemblies. Regardless of the the specifications; cable ties and labels, boards, clamps and brackets, switches, plugs, LED's, specify it and GML Industries, LLC will manufacture it for you.